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Support for gay marriage reached a new high in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, marking a dramatic change in public attitudes on the subject across the past decade. Fifty-eight percent of Americans now say it should be.

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Thought concerning all the positive results from the public polls, but. Key Words: Civil partnership, lesbian and gay studies, same-sex marriage, same-sex relationships, recognition, sexuality, social policy

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Will Brazil stay on the Left?

Dolejší mentioned some recent opinion polls, which show Dilma and Serra in a tie. Serra only had better poll results in the first months of this year, before Mrs Roussef became better known.


↑ What is Marriage For? The Public Purposes of Marriage Law. ↑ Strasbourg court rules that states are not obliged to allow gay marriage. ↑ Polling report, FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll. Aug. 10-11, 2010želství

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The public outcry about the exile of the parents of a gay adult child from this Tennessee congregation seems to mirror this shift in public opinion.

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. to gay marriage, their primary focus continues to be on abortion and the reduction of its occurrence, either by use of public policy instruments or by offering alternatives such as support for women with unplanned pregnancies.

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The current four democratic candidates responded as follows when asked about gay marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act in a Feb.

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Vítám vás u dalšího rozhlédnutí, je čtvrtá neděle postní (Laetare). . Gay ‘marriage’ not a right, prohibiting gay adoption not ‘discrimination’: European Court ( Emailová adresa (vyžadováno) (Address never made public)

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Despite the Obama administration’s delaying a decision, public opinion favors building the pipeline.. Gay Marriage Gains Shoda: [1%] Autor: Porter, čas: Pondělí 28.04.2014 09:18